Yarne Retreat

This year, the 45 day Yarne retreat was held from August 15 through September 30 at Tara Abbey, Thrangu Tashi Yangtse Monastery, and Vajra Vidya Institute. The annual summer retreat, often referred to as the ‘rains retreat,’ is a tradition dating back to the time of the Buddha who established the retreat so that his monks could gather for an intensive period of study and meditation. In addition, by staying in a single location for the duration of the rainy season, the monks avoided harming many insects and other small beings that proliferate during the rainy season. Another benefit of the retreat is that it gives faithful patrons an opportunity to accumulate merit by making offerings of food

Scenes from VVI

Shedra monks at VVI participated in the 4th annual Dhammacakkapavattana Sutta Chanting at the Vietnamese Monastery in Sarnath. And at Vajra Vidya Institute it was also mango picking time! #VVI #Shedra

Tara Abbey

Two Senior nuns from Thrangu Tara Abbey have recently been recognized for their leadership capacity: Ani Tsultrim was requested to be an Umdze (Chant Master) for the North American Kagyu Monlam which took place this summer at Thrangu Monastery in Vancouver, Canada Shedra teacher, Acharya Karma Wangchuk Lhamo, was asked to give a 3 day teaching on Karmic Causality which was recorded by Gompa Seres. Translated into English by Pema Chodor, a Malaysian student at the International Buddhist Academy in Kathmandu. #TaraAbbey

Graduation Day at SMD!

The Secondary Education Examination (SEE) formerly known as School Leaving Certificate (SLC) is offered in March each year to all Class 10 students throughout Nepal. Since it takes several months to receive exam results it’s a long wait for the graduation ceremony! The happy day arrived for SMD students July 27th and included Ku Sung Tuk offerings by the graduates, a speech by Tulku Damchö, the awarding of certificates by the director, Shirley Blair, lots of picture taking. Afterward they continued the tradition of going out for lunch with the Principal and other staff. How did our SMDers do? All 29 students passed: 2 with a B, 14 with a B+ and 14 with an A. Well above the average for the co

New SMD Dance Program

Former SMD student, Tenzin Choesang, has returned to SMD to start an exciting new dance program with the SMD students. Tenzin Choesang is a great dancer and he enjoys working with kids. He worked in the Director’s Office of SMD for some time after he finished his grade 10. After that, he studied Social Work at university and worked at SMD as a Hostel teacher for 4 years. Dance class for SMD students will be held after school 2 days per week (4 days per week during the long vacation). And Tenzin Choesang is planning to hold dance performances once every 2 months. Two of our Canadian supporters are generously sponsoring the dance program this year. Salary and materials/supplies for the year am


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