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Give the Gift of Education

Each year we have many new children at SMD School, as well as new monks enrolled at the SMD Branch School, who require sponsorship.

Below is a listing of our current sponsorship rates. However, please know that donations of any amount are always greatly appreciated and are extremely helpful. We also welcome co-sponsorship with a friend or group to make up a whole sponsorship.

Spread the word! Please share this information with friends who may be interested in sponsoring a child. Many thanks for your generous support.


Sponsors will enjoy receiving an annual letter from their SMD sponsored student.

  • Boarding Student: $1,320 - covers tuition, school supplies and room & board (12 months). Students also receive medical (including vaccinations), dental and vision care, uniform, shoes and casual clothes, among more, for which we have to raise additional funds.

  • Day Student: $575 - covers tuition, school supplies, day room and a hot lunch. Students also receive emergency care (while on campus), vaccinations, dental and vision care, uniforms and shoes, for which we have to raise additional funds. 

  • Senior Student ongoing education (grades 11 & 12): $555 - SMD is too crowded to offer grades 11 & 12, so a number of students complete their education elsewhere in Kathmandu. We pay tuition costs, textbooks, school supplies, uniforms, transportation, exam fees, lunch and pocket money. 

  • Senior on a Gap Year: $575Class 10 grads on a gap year giving service. This covers clothing and pocket money (note: there is no sponsorship required for Senior Students on a gap year who are on placement outside of Thrangu Rinpoche's institutions, as the other institution assumes all costs). 

  • SMD General Donation: - Donations to SMD in general help us meet the needs of all students, especially when we fall short of full sponsorship for the year. Due to Nepal's economic volatility and political instability, costs fluctuate significantly and often rise sharply (eg. after 2015 earthquakes and blockade and the recent COVID-19 pandemic). To help us with this volatility and extra costs, we greatly appreciate any donations to our SMD General Fund. 



To dedicate the merit of their generous support, sponsors of a monk or nun will have prayers said for them by the monastics during the nine-day grand Mahakala Puja in Jan/Feb, during the auspicious time of Saga Dawa in the month of June or on the auspicious day of Guru Rinpoche.

  • Basic Monk and Nun: $300

  • SMD School Monk: $675

  • SMD School Nun: $675

  • Shedra Monk / Shedra Nun: $750



  • School Monk or Nun: $56.25 per month

  • SMD Boarding Student: $110 per month

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