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Shree Mangal Dvip Boarding School 

 for Himalayan Children

Boudhanath, Nepal

About SMD School

Shree Mangal Dvip (SMD) School serves the needs of children who come from some of the most vulnerable places—the northern villages of the Nepal Himalayas. These villages are situated in geographically challenging and isolated areas at high altitude (as high as 14,000 feet; around 4,000 m.). They are subject to climate extremes, and have no roads, electricity, running water, sanitation, telecommunication, health care or schools.

Thrangu Rinpoche founded the main school, SMD School, in 1987 near the Great Stupa in the Kathmandu valley of Nepal. It offers free education, housing, medical and dental care to hundreds of mountain kids. In 2002, Rinpoche opened SMD Branch School for Monks to relieve crowding at the main school. The Branch School is at Namo Buddha, on the rim of the Kathmandu valley, about two hours away from the main school.

SMD kids are culturally and linguistically Tibetan, and their thinking is Buddhist. For centuries, the teachings of the Buddha have flourished without interruption in the Nepal Himalayas. SMD School continues these teachings. 

On Rinpoche’s instruction, SMD encourages the graduates to continue their education in the fields of health and education so they can return to their villages and help their own people. Today, SMD's alumni give service at Thrangu Tashi Yangtse Monastery, Thrangu Tara Abbey, Nar Satek Monastery, SMD Main and Branch Schools, and back in the mountains in some of their villages.

The Need

You can help the most by sponsoring a student. For our intake of April 2024,  SMD will be accepting 45-50 new boarding students. Please see Student Sponsorship Options & Rates and Contact Us directly to get matched up with a child.

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A Brighter Future for Himalayan Children
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