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Vajra Vidya Institute

Sarnath, India

About Vajra Vidya Institute (VVI)

In the fall of 1999, Thrangu Rinpoche established the Vajra Vidya Institute for Higher Buddhist Studies in Sarnath, India. Sarnath is a sacred Buddhist pilgrimage site, since it is the place where the Buddha gave the first turning of the wheel of dharma when he taught the Four Noble Truths. It is a very auspicious place for learning, with many great Buddhist universities, such as the Sanskrit University and the Tibetan Vajrayana University, located there.

The architecture of the Institute is very special as it was designed by Thrangu Rinpoche and is based on ancient Buddhist and Tibetan traditions and the mandala principle. The main shrine room is devoted to Buddha Shakyamuni. 

VVI is currently training ordained monks in Buddhist Philosophy in general and in the teachings of the Karma Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism in particular, so that they may become Buddhist teachers. The monks are studying with the resident Khenpos (accredited teachers) under the guidance of Thrangu Rinpoche. As well, Thrangu Rinpoche is giving an annual international seminar for students both lay and monastic. The blessings of this sacred area inspires all students to a deeper understanding of the teachings and helps preserve the Kagyu lineage of teaching and realization.

The Need

Ongoing sponsorship is needed so that the monks at VVI can receive traditional monastic education and training. Annual expenses include: room and board, educational expenses, medical and dental care, and clothes). Please see Student Sponsorship Options & Rates and Contact Us directly to get matched up with a monk.

Traditional Education & Training for Monks
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