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Monks and Nuns in Shedra

The monastic college for higher Buddhist studies (shedra) is a seven-year program. Shedra students investigate the five major texts, which cover logic and dialectics, Madhyamaka (the Middle Way philosophy), the Vinaya (monastic discipline), the Abhidharma (higher knowledge), and the Perfection of Wisdom Sutras, all of which are supplemented with studying other fields of knowledge.

There are currently 115 monks enrolled in shedra, 23 of which have just begun their first year of study in this 2017/18 school year. Here, the advanced classes are engaged in the study and practice of debate at Namo Buddha and reciting prayers.

Nuns of Thrangu Tara Abbey Shedra in Lumbini are shown here taking their mid-year examination in September.

Sponsorship and/or general support is needed for the Shedra monks and nuns. Sponsorship fees are $750 per year. Please contact NBF if you would like to sponsor a shedra monk or nun.

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