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New Academic Year

The arrival of spring signals the end of the school year and the beginning of the new academic year in Nepal. Students at SMD and SMDBS, as well as shedra monks and nuns were busy taking exams in the month of March. Class 10 SMD students have also completed the SEE (Secondary Education Exam, formerly called SLC) ~ the 8 day government exam required for graduation.

After teaching in Sarnath and giving exams to the young monks of VVI and Pullahari, Thrangu Rinpoche returned to Nepal at the end of March to teach the annual 5 day seminar, followed by the 26th annual Mani Drupchen for 10 days. Both events were held at SMD School. You can read more about these and other recent events at SMD in the SMD Spring Update.

The new school year at SMD began on April 22nd, and a total of 40 new students were admitted to SMD.

Find out more about our new SMD students who are in need of sponsorship.

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