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Tara Abbey ~ Sher Gompa

The conclusion ceremony for the nuns in 3 Year Retreat was held on November 24th ~ Thrangu Rinpoche's birthday. The 8 nuns from Tara Abbey were scheduled to finish in the spring of this year, but were delayed due to the coronavirus. When it was safe to travel, Khenpo Chonyi and Lama Ajo traveled to Sher Gompa in Manang to perform the ceremony. It was a joyous day, celebrated with family and other well-wishers.

Scenes from Tara Abbey

At Tara Abbey, daily life continues with study, debate, practice and service. The nyerpas (food managers) have the responsibility of shopping for the nuns and are always masked and fully protected. The younger nuns have been practicing meditation and studying outside when possible. Recently an evening fire puja was performed to offer prayers for the suffering and deaths caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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