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SMD School News

We have just admitted 60 new children to SMD at the end of November. They are excited to start their education journey as some of them have been waiting to get into SMD for the last two years. Without previous education, they lack foundational language and math skills, and do not yet have the skills to study online. We are bringing them into the hostel (dorms) so they can get in-person instruction.

Image: New SMD student Nyima Lhamo Sherpa

They will be joined by all of our SMD students who have missed their schooling because they’ve had no internet access. Any of our students who do have internet access will continue to take their classes online for now.

Matching Grant Update

We are delighted to report that the SMD matching grant challenge has more than doubled the original $10,000 grant!

We want to offer our sincere gratitude to Lisa Elser of Custom Cut Gems for offering the grant. We want to also thank all the generous donors from Canada and around the world.

With this money, SMD School has been able to provide each new student with a pillow, linen, quilt, uniform, play clothes, underwear, socks, school shoes, play shoes, slippers, backpack, toiletries and a tin trunk to keep everything stored away.

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