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SMD Teachers Pilgrimage

At the beginning of March SMD teachers were provided with a pilgrimage to Lumbini. Travelling by bus, they stayed overnight at Thrangu Lumbini Monastery and spent a day visiting holy sites before returning to Boudhanath. The teachers had the opportunity to participate in meditation and prayer sessions, explore the Sacred Garden, Mayadevi temple, and other monasteries while learning the history of Lumbini. Upon returning, teachers commented that it was a transformative experience, peaceful and relaxed.

(Thanks to Tsewang Dorje for video.)

Please enjoy this video of the SMD teachers pilgrimage to Lumbini:

SMD Activities

After a 3 month postponement, the popular inter-house soccer tournament was played in December. During the two-day event, the girls compete between their 3 houses and the boys do the same. The winning house for the girls was Sagarmatha House (blue) and for the boys it was Sambhota House (yellow).

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