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Preserving the Buddhist way of life of the Himalayas

Photo shows SMD School alumni Phurbu Lama & Phurbu Choden in their traditional Tibetan 'chupa' (dresses). Both are now studying at University.

It is our aim to help preserve the culture, language and Buddhist way of life of the Himalayas, and to give Himalayan Children the tools to build a better future, so they can help their own people when they grow up. Learn more >>

Our Projects
SMD Boarding School for Himalayan Children, Boudhanath, Nepal

Shree Mangal Dvip (SMD) School for Himalayan Children in Kathmandu provides free education, housing and full care for over 500 children from the most vulnerable and remote mountain villages of northern Nepal.

Thrangu Phende Clinic, Namo Buddha, Nepal
The Thrangu Phende Clinic at Namo Buddha makes available conventional and Tibetan medicine to some 3,000 nearby villagers, several hundred resident monks, and visitors to Thrangu Tashi Yangste Monastery. Plans include a full-fledged Tibetan medical and astrological practice and education facility with dispensary.
Thrangu Tara Abbey, Swayambunath, Nepal

Home to over 200 Buddhist nuns, Thrangu Tara Abbey is a monastic center for women that provides access to the full range of monastic, liturgical, philosophical and meditation training available to monks.

Thrangu Tashi Yangtse Monastery, Namo Buddha, Nepal
 Thrangu Tashi Yangtse Monastery at Namo Buddha, one of the most sacred sites in Nepal, is an extensive monastery complex to further the study and preservation of Buddhist Tibetan philosophy, language and culture. It is also home to SMD Branch School for young monks, Shedra (monastic college), a retreat centre and a medical clinic.
Vajra Vidya Institute, Sarnath, India
Located behind Deer Park in Sarnath, India, where Shakyamuni Buddha gave his first teaching, Vajra Vidya Institute is a monastic college offering training in higher Buddhist philosophy. It was established by the Venerable Khenchen Thrangu Rinpoche to preserve the Karma Kagyu lineage of scripture and realization.
Help preserve the Buddhist way of life
of the Himalayas

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