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Two SMD Senior Boys Need Your Support to Finish High School

SMD established the "Senior Programme" to help students go on past Class 10. As in Canada, Nepali students must finish high school to go on to any higher education; however, SMD cannot offer grades 11 and 12 because the School Campus is too crowded. After SMD students have given a year of service, a select number are offered a chance to live at SMD while continuing their education (finish high school) elsewhere in Kathmandu. Himalayan kids can’t afford tuition, let alone the cost of living in Kathmandu. ~$1,250 covers most of room, board and tuition for one year.

Please consider helping the following two SMD Seniors, who are in need of sponsorship:

Nyima Dorje Lama

After finishing Grade 10 at SMD, Nyima Dorje gave a year of service at SMD Branch School. He started Grade 11 at Bijeswori Secondary School in August 2017. He teaches art two times per week at SMD and comes every day on holidays for the younger kids. Nyima lives with his mum near SMD. He needs about $1,000 CAD this year to complete Grade 11 (Tuition is $750 CAD + transportation, uniform & lunches). Nyima is Khenpo Chogyal's brother.

Here's what Nyima Dorje has to say:

My name is Nyima Dorje Lama. I am from Nubri, which is located in the northern part of Nepal. I finished grade 10 in 2016 and took a gap year. I spend my gap year teaching young monks at SMD Branch School for young monks at Thrangu Tashi Yangtze Monastery, in the hills outside Kathmandu, about two hours away from the main school.

I have continued further studies in fine arts. One of the reason I choose art is because of the encouragement I get when people see and appreciate my work. I have always done things with my hands and have a talent for it. It is a hand/eye coordination thing. It is more like a way of connecting with the visual part of life. Expressing my feelings into the paintings is what I want to learn and when I do, I will be strong enough to inspire and delight people through my work.

SMD Boarding School is too crowded to offer 11 & 12. In July 2017, I joined Bijeswori Secondary School (so I can finish high school). The school is specially focused on fine arts. It include Field Visits, Guest Lectures, presentations, Art Exhibitions and workshops, Research and publications, Sports and other activities.


Tsewang Gyurme Lama

In July 2017 Gyurme started Grade 11 in the Management stream. He and half a dozen other SMD Seniors go to HIMS (Himalayan International Model School) about half an hour's walk from SMD. Gyurme believes this will give him the necessary skills to bring change to his home village, Lho. Gyurme receives some sponsorship already but needs an additional $640 CAD for his Grade 11 tuition and other related expenses.

Here's what Gyurme has to say: I have a lot of faith in Himalayan women. They are strong and hardworking. I was brought up by single mother when my dad had to go to jail. She raised me well, despite the struggles that she had to go through. Although I was lucky to get an opportunity to study at SMD School, my mom had huge difficulties in getting me to Kathmandu from our village. I'm aware of all the hardship that Himalayan women go through and I see each time they prove that they can do whatever men can do. The reason that the women in my society face so much trouble is that they are lacking in opportunities. Our society has made them dependent so much on the man. My dream in the future lies to fight for the women in society by giving priority in terms of jobs, which will make women independent from their husband and I will make sure everyone values the voices and rights of women.

Today, many people who study business do not seem to remember the importance of our environment, how much it has provided us with. I can promised that whatever I will do in future after my studies, I will always remember the value of environment its sustainability in my community.

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