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Thrangu Phende Clinic (Namo Buddha Mentsee Khang)

The Thrangu Phende Clinic is located at Thrangu Tashi Yangtse Monastery in Namo Buddha, Nepal. The Clinic provides much needed health care to the resident monks and visitors at the monastery, as well as to some 3,000 villagers who live nearby.

During the past year, the Clinic has undergone the rigours of becoming a registered, legal entity. After the filing of many applications, facility inspections and compliance met, approval was given by the Nepal Medical Council. The Clinic was granted a registration number, and has a new name: Thrangu Phende Clinic. Wangchuk Rabten, the monk health care worker in charge, has worked tirelessly to accomplish this legal status, and already there have been several municipality workshops and medical camps at Namo Buddha.

Partnering with the Tilaganga Eye Hospital in July, Thrangu Phende Clinic offered free eye screening for the village residents of Namo Buddha and the monastery. 300 patients were served and 29 who were found to need surgery were treated for free at the Tilagana Hospital in early August. Thrangu Monastery Charity Foundation, H.K. sponsored the camp and along with support from H.K. Buddhist Compassion Charity the monks delivered 25 kgs of rice to each household and all single mothers in municipality 6, Kavre District, recents victims of floods and landslides due to the heavy rains in July.

The Clinic has ongoing operational expenses, which include the purchase of medicines and medical supplies, as well as salaries for our local hired doctors and acupuncture nurse. By making a donation to support the Clinic, you can help us to continue to provide essential medical help to the local villagers as well as the monks at the monastery.

To support the Clinic, please go to our NBF How to Help page.

For more information about the Clinic, please visit the new Clinic website.

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