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Monastic Achievements

During the recent monastic convocation at Namo Buddha, Shedra graduates were presented Ka Rabjampa Certificates, and Lama Certifications were given to those who have completed the traditional 3-year retreat. Offerings were made and all the monks and nuns received Rinpoche's blessing. Also, in a separate ceremony during the Tsedrup, five monks were enthroned as Khenpos (last picture in slideshow below).

Congratulations to the TTC office staff who received their Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) degree from Tribuvan University after many years of early morning, part-time studies!

Management Changes

The handover of Tara Abbey management from Khenpo Chonyi to Tulku Damcho and Khenpo Chogyal, and the installation of Khenpo Chonyi as the new manager at Thrangu Tashi Yangtse (Namo Buddha) is now complete. Khenpo Chonyi was given a lovely farewell at Tara Abbey, acknowledging his many years of service and fine accomplishments, and was welcomed to his post in Namo Buddha. Tulku Damcho and Khenpo Chogyal were likewise honored and welcomed to their new assignments at Tara Abbey. Here are some pictures from the event:

Rinpoche's visit within Namo Buddha

Thrangu Rinpoche also spent time at Shree Mangal Dvip Branch School (SMDBS), attending the mid-term exams and offering encouragement to the young monks and their teachers. He paid a surprise visit to Lama Sonam who is in life retreat in Namo Buddha and met with the monks in Ngondro retreat and those studying in the monastic college (Shedra). Covid protocols have prevented such in-person contact for a few years so these visits were very precious.

The following slideshow images are from Rinpoche's visit within Namo Buddha:

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