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Relief Aid for the Mountains

We are deeply grateful to our generous donors who have continued sponsoring children and to those who have donated extra funds. You have enabled SMD School to pivot, so we can continue educating the children, providing food relief & warm clothing, wherever they are. And you have enabled SMD to continue paying our staff.

SMD School and Thrangu Tashi Choling Monastery in Boudha have been very active in providing pandemic food relief, learning supplies, warm winter clothing and shoes to various mountain areas in need. The provisions are delivered to these remote mountain regions by donkey train, and at times, by helicopter.

If you would like to help in these relief efforts, you can direct your donation to the SMD School General Fund and then note that the funds are for 'relief aid for the mountains'.

Other Ways to Help:

The Nepali government recently lifted the 10% tax that was levied on books published outside Nepal. If you would like to send books directly to SMD School for our students, please check out our Amazon Wish List where you can choose texts and get them mailed directly to the School.


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