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SMD Spotlight

Buddha Tamang has a black belt in Karate and is an excellent cook. He was born in 1990 in Parphing, Nepal and worked in a hotel kitchen while in grade school, first washing dishes and then learning how to cook. He is well trained in Nepali, Tibetan, Indian and Newari cuisine and also has experience in Chinese cooking. At age 13, while working full time to help his family, he began to study karate. Five years later he came to Kathmandu continuing his studies with Gyani Patna Shakya at Lalitphur Dojo and in 2010 he earned the rank of Black Belt. In the same year, he became the head cook for SMD Boarding School, though it was many years before anyone at the school knew of his talent and accomplishments beyond the kitchen.

First inspired by movies, and then by the idea of trophies and medals and making family and friends proud he soon recognized that though he could fight with anyone, he was learning something different. The point was to help and not to harm. It was a discipline to learn and use. It was respect and education.

Four years ago, as a birthday wish, Buddha Tamang was able to perform his art for the School and so impressed the staff that he was asked to teach Karate for the SMD students.

He emphasizes the meaning of the training, requiring memorization and recitation of a full set of rules, which are included in the weekly classes ~ what to do and not to do in Karate; how to treat other people (and the Guru); how to be in Karate posture. He says a few students had some attitude at first, but as he has explained discipline and the benefit of training, they have become very enthusiastic. The interest has grown and now there are about 40 students - girls and boys in equal number.

A few sponsors provided equipment and clothing and this allowed some of the older students to compete in the 1st Asia Open International Karate Tournament in January. Though they are beginners and most opponents back belts, they did well and brought home 4 trophies!



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