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SMD Update from School Director, Shirley Blair

Nepal is in Lockdown & for Now, SMD is Closed:

Final exams were 'pre-poned', so many of our children were able to finish final exams. Government exams have been postponed for grades 8, 10, 11 & 12. The school was closed on the March 27th. (Nepal's only tool to mitigate disaster from the pandemic is lockdown.) We sent our staff home also, with their salaries in the pockets. We plan to continue paying salaries as long as we possibly can.

All except two children returned to their families. All the school-going monks moved into the empty rooms and their monk teachers (including our Principal and VP) also moved in. Before they went home, the children learned 3 things... HYGIENE SOCIAL DISTANCING TEACH YOUR FAMILY

SMD Will Open When the Government Allows Schools to Open: MEANWHILE, the monks are continuing classes (Tibetan, English, Nepali & Computer). The two children who couldn't go home join the monks' classes. The monks do prayers and meditation every afternoon, from 3 - 4 in the afternoons.

Some of the Seniors chose to stay at the school to help. They help in the Director's office and also help to teach the young monks. The Seniors offer a chance to sing karaoke on Friday afternoons. (Helps with language development, including reading comprehension, vocab, pronunciation, etc.). The monks chose to work in Tibetan. Good choice for Nepali kids!

We have put together an online network for any kids who happen to be in the Valley staying with relatives & who have access to the net. Tenzin Sangmo B701 moderates. Cultural exploration continues with Claire online with Seniors. And one of our former host parents in Zurich is tutoring a homebound Senior via skype.

Spring is well under way in Nepal. We look forward to the day we can start classes again. In the meantime, you can see how we are doing on our website: himalayanchildren.org

May the following song by SMD students provide you with joy!


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