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SMD ~ December Update

Of nearly 600 SMD students, only 12 are out of instruction (they are too remote). Everyone else is attending classes online or attending physical classes in the mountains.

Our teachers are doing a marvellous job! Teachers report that the students did well on the mid-term exams for online learners, despite the the challenges of having poor network connection.

Here, Tsewang Dolma Lama (B20) is pictured with her students in Ripchet, Lower Tsum. She immediately returned to Ripchet when she heard the children were begging for classes like we have in other villages, where SMDers have stepped-up to help younger ones.

In Nar, Manang, Lama Karma Khamsum & Tsering Gyaltsen B409 (one of our teachers) called a meeting & organized 100 children (28 SMDers) into classes in the government school which was not operating. As the cold weather decends in the mountains, the Narpas retreat to lower ground, to winter shelters in different villages. Tsering Gyaltsen is doing his best to help kids continue their learning wherever they are.

SMD Seniors

After graduating from Class 10, 'Newbie Seniors' (as they are fondly known) give a year of service, teaching and assisting in many ways at SMDBS, Tara Abbey, in their villages, and other monasteries. The life experience gained is invaluable when they continue with their education.

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