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Thrangu Rinpoche's 91st Birthday Celebration

Thrangu Rinpoche's 91st birthday was celebrated at Namo Buddha from Nov 30th-Dec 02nd. The event was sponsored by Thrangu Dharmakara and arranged by Khenpo Dawa and Khenpo Tengye. A 3-day White Tara Drupchen preceded the festivities which were held under a tent erected on the roof of SMBDS. Three Khenpos gave speeches, one each in Tibetan, English, and Chinese, honoring Rinpoche and sharing his biography. SMD Students sang a welcome song and performed 4 cultural dances for an audience of 1,500. The Mayor of Namo Buddha Municipality, Mr Kunsang Lama attended as did a representative of WWF, Raju Lama. A well-known Nepali singer gave a special performance singing 3 Tibetan songs, including his recently released song for Thrangu Rinpoche which can be seen in full on YouTube.

16th Thrangu Tsedrup

The following scenes, in slide show, are from 16th Thrangu Tsedrup, which was held at Namo Buddha in November.

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