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Former Monks and Nuns

Have you ever wondered about the monks and nuns who have returned to lay life? You may be interested to know that they remain devoted to the abbey, the monastery, the ordained sangha and, of course, to Thrangu Rinpoche.

Some of the young men and women have stayed in Nepal and some have immigrated to the US and other countries, but wherever they are, they remain connected to each other and the monastery as a group known as Lhaksam. Having organized in this way, they are able to make regular donations for food and other needs. The Nepali group—Lhaksam Nepal —also provides cooked meals and working staff during retreats and special pujas. They have also requested that Khenpo Chonyi continue to teach them the Dharma. Recently, Tulku Damcho offered a short teaching at Tara Abbey.

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