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Yarne Retreat

The 2018 Yarne (rainy season/summer) retreat for Thrangu Monastery monks and nuns began on July 28th. The summer retreat is a tradition established by the Buddha, where monastics can gather for a month and a half to study and meditate. Special vows are taken and strict discipline is followed such as not leaving the premises, (staying in one place reduces the harm to insects and other small creatures which proliferate in the rainy season), not indulging in entertainment on days off, using begging bowls during meals, chanting many prayers and not eating after the noon meal.

This also develops a contemplative atmosphere in the monastery which is very conducive to study, contemplation and practice. This year the Yarne will be held for 45 days, ending on the 9th of September. This is considered a very important practice and offers the opportunity for lay people to participate in the virtuous activity by making offerings for food and tea.

Yarne donations of any amount can be made for Tara Abbey (nuns) or Namo Buddha (monks) if you would like to sponsor a meal or full day of meals. Please visit our How to Help page if you would like to make a donation.

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