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Can You Help a SMD Grad Complete His Studies?

Ananta is a SMD graduate who is currently studying electronic engineering. Shirley Blair, Director of SMD School, recently shared Ananta’s story with us. We are including some brief details about Ananta’s life in this Newsletter, in case you are moved to help a worthy young man continue his education........

Ananta joined SMD school when he was 3 years old, and he maintained outstanding marks at SMD. Unfortunately, Ananta's family has suffered incredible hardship in recent years. But, despite this difficulty, Ananta managed to score in the First Division (cum laude) at the end of Grade 10 at SMD School. The Math & Science topper at SMD, Ananta tutored other kids from the time he was in Grade 7. He continued to volunteer as a Math and Science teacher to SMD students while he finished Grades 11 & 12 outside of SMD. His tuition for Grades 11 & 12 was sponsored, but other expenses had to be borne by his family. There was no money for transportation, so Ananta had to walk a couple of hours each day to get to and from school.

During the time that Ananta was writing his Grade 12 exams, both his mother and his grandfather became ill and had to be hospitalized and required extended treatment. Although Ananta passed his exams with a respectable mark, due to these family health issues, he did not do as well as expected, so he did not get a scholarship.

In 2016 Ananta was admitted to the Bachelor of Engineering programme at NMIT in Bangalore. His father borrowed money for his admission. Ananta finished his first year with a 7.6 GPA (on a scale of 10), although he had been extremely ill and was hospitalized with dengue fever during this first year. 2018 is Ananta’s second year of his engineering program. We fully expect him to do better as time passes.

This summer, Ananta’s grandfather passed away after a long hospitalization. The medical and funeral expenses ate the money that his family had set aside for Ananta’s second year. Ananta is a very dedicated and engaged student, but unless he is able to raise funds for the rest of his engineering program, he may have to drop out.

Some generous donors in the US and Canada have already come up with the $4,000.00 USD tuition needed for this year. And he still has 2 more years to go in his program after this year. SMD is central to Ananta's life; when he is home, he continues to volunteer full-time to help SMDers.

If you would like to help to support Ananta to complete his studies, please go to our NBF donation page . And please specify that these funds are to be directed for Ananta D326

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