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New School Year!

The new school year in Nepal begins in April. At Shree Mangal Dvip Boarding School we have over 570 students enrolled this year. We have many children at SMD School, as well as monks enrolled at the SMD Branch School, who require sponsorship. To see photos of some of our SMD kids that require sponsorship please check out the SMD Sponsorship page.

Here is a listing of our current NBF sponsorship rates. However, please know that donations of any amount are always greatly appreciated and are extremely helpful. We also welcome co-sponsorship with a friend or group to make up a whole sponsorship. Please visit our NBF Donation Page to learn about the many ways to donate.

Spread the word! Please share this information with friends who may be interested in sponsoring a child. Many thanks for your generous support.

photo credits: Chantal Schauch

Staying in Touch......

Do you already sponsor an SMD student and would like to stay in touch with them?

We encourage sponsors and children to correspond. Every year, we send a photo and report to each sponsor, along with at least 2 letters. You can send letters to:




We instruct our children not to ask sponsors for anything. If your child asks you for anything, please write Shirley, SMD School Director, immediately.

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