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World Environment Day

SMD School has been always active on the World‘s Environment Day. This year SMD Eco- club, as well as SMD root and shoot club, organized a cleaning campaign covering Boudha Stupa area, Tinchuli area, and SMD School. The club members, teachers, and students from grade 7 and above participated in the cleaning campaign. The members of Eco-club wore their club shirts and caps during the campaign. The students were divided into groups and they were guided by the teachers and club leaders.

By the end of the campaign, they covered most of the areas around stupa as well as Tinchuli areas. The grade 10 cleaned SMD surrounding and they mainly focused on the garden. The charts made by the students were in three languages and they showcased the importance of the environment. The club leaders were happy that they succeed in their campaign. All the SMD students, as well as the teachers, enjoyed their juice after the cleaning campaign.

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