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Annual Sports Meet 2022/23

On January 13th, the annual sports day competition began with a 'March Pass' at SMD School. Boys and girls from each of the 3 houses, Sagarmatha, Sambhota and Srongtsen, marched in front of all in attendance, wearing sashes of their house color. Next was an aerobic dance with ribbons, followed by prayers, the national anthem and speeches. The Karate class gave a demonstration, setting the stage for the track and field events and other games. Points are awarded for all the various activities and the score tallied on a large white board. The best house of the day was Srongtsen House (red) with 540 points. It was a great day and nice way to start the 2 week winter vacation!

Some photos from the event:

Please enjoy this video showing highlights from all the activities of the day (Thank you Tsewang Dorje for the video.)


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