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SMD Branch School

A message from Lama Karma Phurbu, Principal of SMD Branch School

"We are really glad to inform you that we held our final examination on 30th March - 5th April, and more than 80% of students achieved a good score and hold an outstanding rank. All the SMDBS teachers have distributed books to the students of the new session. Because of ongoing lockdown we are unable to get new books for students, so the decision was made to use the books distributed last year. We also stopped going to the school for our regular classes due to the increase of Covid-19 in Nepal and decided to have teachers hold formal classes in their own rooms. We have daily Covid check-up of students, teachers and other staff before the lunch hour. We will be having our first term examination soon and rather than the exams being given to all grades at once, each class will be kept separate in order to maintain a safe distance.

Because of your guidance, contributions and help we have been able to provide students with higher educations for a brighter future. Heartfelt thanks to you for making their career. Until everything gets back to normal, please keep yourself healthy, warm and fit. We all bless you with a shower of love ~ blessings from each student's smile and wish for your long happy life. A lot of thanks again for your outstanding support and contribution. We hope our relationship goes longer, as usual."


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