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SMD School News

SMD Grads/Seniors:

25 recent grade 10 graduates from Shree Mangal Dvip School have volunteered to give service for a year in various posts, from teaching, to office work, and many more. After a week of online training, they went to their new posts. Many have written to assure us that they arrived safely and are excited about this new phase in their lives. SMD Grads are in high demand — they speak, read and write Tibetan, Nepali and English, and they have had some training in what the Buddha taught.

Tashi Sangmo B910 and Urgen Tsomo D12.18: two SMD graduates giving 1 year service, teaching young monks at our Hinang Monastery in Nubri.

Current Students & School Monks:

Almost all our students are in the Kathmandu Valley so they can access online classes. None of our students are allowed to live at SMD as schools have been ordered to close through the pandemic. We have tracked all 15 of our kids who are not able to get instruction as they had to stay in their villages where there is no internet service. The kids are all safe, but cut off by landslides. All of our school-aged monks and their teachers are able to continue living on campus and attend classes because they are in robes – that means they are not governed by the ministry’s school closure regulations.

SMD Senior students assuring younger students are following COVID protocols before entering SMD to borrow library books.

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