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SMD School News

SMD's Principal, Acharya Lama Karma Sangbo Awarded an Honorary PhD

Acharya Lama Karma Sangbo, principal of SMD school, was awarded an honorary PhD during his visit to Shokutoku University in Chiba. He presented a paper on Buddhist social work at the university, which is the home of the Asian Research Institute for International Social Work. AKS la traveled specifically for this purpose.

SMD School was closed for 15 Days for the winter holiday and the School was empty, except for our 'nyerpa' (monk manager) Palta and the Director's Assistants. Nyera Palta has been overseeing construction of classrooms for 11s and 12s. Yes, we will be offering Grade 12 when school starts in the Spring! Now they'll have their own classrooms.

The Director's Assistants filmed some of the kids coming home to SMD after the winter break ended. Here's the short video of Kindergartener Sonam Palmo and Grade 7 Migmar Tamang.

Video Podcast with Shirley Blair, Director & Fundraiser, SMD School

In this interview, Shirley talks about SMD School, effects of civil war on schools in Nepal, including SMD, and her experience in teaching sector. Here is the link to video in more details.

Outstanding Cinematography Emmy Award

Island of Sea Wolves, a limited series on Netflix, won four Emmy Awards in 2023, one of which was "Outstanding cinematography". James Frystak, Canadian based Wildlife Cinematographer, was one of the cinematographers of the series. James produced a short film about SMD back in 2018. Big congratulations to James and the team!!

Photos source: Retrieved from James's Facebook page.

Winter Break Brought Some Overseas Goers Back To SMD

Sherab Dolma Sherpa is an SMD alumna. She came from Nova Scotia, where she has finished two undergraduate degrees (the first in geography and the second in health sciences). Sherab has started her own consultancy. She is the younger sister of Lamas Karma Phurbu and Pasang Wangdue. Sherab and her sister Dawa Dolma sponsor a boarder at SMD.

Tsering Dolma is 3/4 of the way through an undergraduate degree in Psychology. She finished the IB at the Inter-Community School Zurich and stayed in Europe to continue her studies. As many SMDers do, she had been longing to come home. Her flight was a gift from the family (host mum and brothers) that hosted her while she was in Grades 11 and 12 at ICSZ. SMDers who've studied at ICS are helped enormously by families who offer homestays. As they say, it takes a village.

Sonam Dolma finished the IB at Ullens School here in Kathmandu. Her uncle is Khenpo Dawa. It was Khenpo Dawa who placed her in SMD and helped with her admission at Ullens and her uni in the UK. She is 3/4 of the way through a BSc in Sports Management. Sonam Dolma was scouted from our girls' football (soccer) team to internationally on the Tiber Women's Soccer team.

Phuntsok Gyaltsen Lama is finishing Grade 12 at Red Cross Nordic United World College in Flekke, Norway. Phuntsok Gyaltsen is Lama Khamsumg Tsewang's nephew. Phuntsok brought great news! Based on his predicted IB results, he's been offered a full ride UWC Davis Scholarship (4 years of study) which even includes a ticket home every year.

Tenzin Norbu Lama is also at RCNUWC, and is finishing Grade 11 this year. Photo taken at Thrangu Tashi Yangtse Monastery at Namo Buddha, where all the kids went to pay their respects to Thrangu Rinpoche, our beloved founder.


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