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Tara Abbey and Vajra Vidya Institute

From March 6 to April 8, Vajra Vidya Institute is hosting the 7th Arya Kshema Spring Teachings. Under the direction of the 17th Gyalwang Karmapa and presided over by Druppon Dechen Rinpoche. Nearly 400 nuns from 6 Kagyu shredras have gathered for a month of teachings and debate. In addition to a daily schedule of classes and debates, the Spring Teachings will feature teachings by Gyalwang Karmapa on Mikyo Dorje's Autobiographical Verses along with other significant practices.

Days begin with the memorization of texts, followed by classes, self-study and individual and group debating. Only 4 of the 6 nunneries - Thrangu Tara Abbey, Karma Drubgyu Dhargyeling, Druk Palmo Choiding, and Kegu Dagmo Choiling, are actually competing this year. In the presence of Druppon Dechen Rinpoche and Tulku Damcho Rinpoche, nuns will debate in Dudra, Tagrig and Lorig, (collected topics, reasoning, cognition, and knowledge). The Khenpos and Geshes of Sherabling, Lava, Surmang, Benchen, and Tergar Monasteries are serving as adjudicators.

Short clip of nuns and monks chanting:

Thrangu Tara Abbey

These winter months have been a busy time at Tara Abbey with the Kagyu Monlam, (which concluded with a beautiful Marme Monlam or lamp prayer), the annual examination for Thrangu Thoism Dargyeing shedra students, and dharma classes for the young nuns taught by Khenpo Chogyal. As well, the nuns were busy preparing for the Winter Debate held at VVI from March 6-29.

Slideshow of photos taken during the event:

Vajra Vidya Institute

From December 26th to January 25th, Shedra and other senior monks attended the Winter Dharma Gathering and Debate of Kagyu monks at Bokar Sheda Obar - Bokar Rinpoche's monastery in Siliguri. It was inspirational for the attendees to be able to meet in person again for this, the 23rd Kagyu Guncho.


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