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Tara Abbey News

After a few years of planning and development, monastic shedra (college) can be recognized as fulfilling requirements for entering the 2 year MA program in Buddhist Studies at Lumbini Buddhist University.

7 Tara Abbey nuns are currently enrolled and living at the monastery in Lumbini. 2 of the nuns have begun their second year, and 5 are first year students. Though shedra education is usually considered the equivalent of a PhD, the certification is not widely recognized around the world, so the MA degree will allow the nuns to teach in other settings.

In other news, 5 days of Tsedrup puja were completed at the end of February, and in the beginning of March, 9 nuns graduated from Thrangu Thoisam Dargyeling Shedra at Tara Abbey. The nuns were honoured and Khenpo Chonyi invited his teacher, Khenpo Tashi to speak and offer advice to the nuns. Congratulations to the new shedra graduates!

Also, we are happy to report that the elder nuns at Tara Abbey have received COVID-19

vaccinations now that eligibility in Nepal is 55 years and older.


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