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Tara Abbey News

Since 1996, Lama Sonam Tsering, know loving as Lama Ajo, has served as the retreat master for Tara Abbey nuns engaged in the traditional 3 years+ retreat at Sher Gompa in Manang. Though a retreat master need not reside continually near the Gompa, one does need to travel back and forth at intervals to guide and oversee. This has become increasingly difficult for Lama Ajo physically, so he has retired and Lama Yonten, the Ngodro retreat master at Namo Buddha, has been appointed to the position.

The transition was recognized ceremonially in December at Tara Abbey. Lama Ajo first gave a reading transmission of The Jewel Ornament of Liberation to the monastic community, after-which he was honored with a show of appreciation and Lama Yonten was warmly welcomed. Choje Lama, Tulku Damcho, and Khenpo Chonyi were in attendance with the nuns and other monastic staff.

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