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Vajra Vidya Institute

Training in Fire Preparedness

The monks at Vajra Vidya Institute (VVI) recently received training from their teacher, Tashi Yangphel, in fire preparedness and the use of fire extinguishers which can be seen in the following image.

Young Monks at VVI

Young monks, who are new to monastic life, spend their first year or two studying at VVI and Pullahari in India ~ preparation for being able to enter either SMDBS or SMD. Once they pass a written and verbal exam, they transfer to Nepal at the beginning of the school year. Here the monks are receiving their results and saying goodbye with last instructions from Khenpo Gendun.

Major Activities at VVI

There is a great deal of activity taking place at VVI in addition to the ongoing 2nd year Shedra classes. Roof ornaments are being repaired and painted; the lower level rooms and hallways are being renovated and painted (having been vacated by the young monks). The Ksitigarbha Boddhisattva statue has been moved from the garden near Rinpoche's house to a position next to the Nyerpa office in order to make room for a reliquary statue of Thrangu Rinpoche. (Another Boddhisattva statue will be placed near the Dedon Tsokpa office). Thrangu Rinpoche's reliquary stupa will be a 32ft high Dharmachakra stupa made from the same stone as the Ashok Pillar, which comes from the nearby Chunar Village. Ground breaking pujas and rituals have been performed and the monks are busy preparing mantras and 100,000 tsa tsa's.

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